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Archive for February 2011

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February 1, 2011 Posted by Kevin in Blog

My advice to aspiring vocal talent

Most of the singers that I have interviewed over the years have come into the studio looking for something that they hear in their head, missing out on the opportunity that I've presented to them. Singers and musicians should be looking for any and all opportunities to get themselves the right kind of exposure and whatever might get them to the next level. The days of sending in your voice on a cassette/CD hoping that you'll get a $250K advance are gone. There are tens of thousands of studios out there and you've got to interview studios and producers to pick the right one, not just because it's the studio closest to your house.
February 1, 2011 Posted by Kevin in Blog

DAW software and producing

I've been an owner of a top of the line Protools system and a user of Motu's Digital Performer practically from the start of Motu. Certainly no program is perfect but I have found Digital Performer to be the best DAW software for writing and producing music. I searched for many years for a quality reverb and found that in TC Electronics plugins. As for today's  hottest sounds, nothing beats the Access Virus TI series, I own and use the Access Virus Snow.