The story of how I came to have 1 of my best friends

In 1995 I was selling some misc studio gear and got a call from what would later become my best friendĀ  William Dumas . He came over to look at it, bought it and took it home. A few days later he called me back and told me it wasn't what he wanted and would I take it back, I told him yes. When he came over to return it we got to talking about music, he's a guitarist. As a guitar lover I asked him if he would record some guitar for an album project I was working on, he did (and also did some amazing artwork for my album). He has been and is the best guitarist I know. Bill went on to work for my family and has practically become a member of the family. Since 1995 we've done some recording projects whenever possible, when I've traveled Bill has driven 8 hours round trip to meetup and have lunch with us. If he hadn't returned the gear he bought we wouldn't have had the chance to talk music and would've gone our separate ways.