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Thank God....

for the talent that I have.

Information songwriters should know about copyrights

Works Published Before 1923

Maximum Copyright Protection of 75 years has Expired Works are in the Public Domain

Works Published 1923 thru 1978

Maximum Copyright Protection of 95 Years from Year Published 1923 and Later Works Begin Entry to Public Domain on 1/1/2019

Works Published After 1978

Life of the Longest Surviving Author plus 70 years Earliest Possible PD date is 1/1/2049

The story of how I came to have 1 of my best friends

In 1995 I was selling some misc studio gear and got a call from what would later become my best friendĀ  William Dumas . He came over to look at it, bought it and took it home. A few days later he called me back and told me it wasn't what he wanted and would I take it back, I told him yes. When he came over to return it we got to talking about music, he's a guitarist. As a guitar lover I asked him if he would record some guitar for an album project I was working on, he did (and also did some amazing artwork for my album). He has been and is the best guitarist I know. Bill went on to work for my family and has practically become a member of the family. Since 1995 we've done some recording projects whenever possible, when I've traveled Bill has driven 8 hours round trip to meetup and have lunch with us. If he hadn't returned the gear he bought we wouldn't have had the chance to talk music and would've gone our separate ways.

As most people don't read it's difficult to educate but I'm trying..........

If I've said it once I've said it a thousand times..................

The industry has changed and wants to hear finished product. You'd need to develop your own style/sound that identifies you as an artist. If you're serious about doing anything in music seek out the best producers you can find otherwise you're just wasting time.

Millions of people have heard my songs on MTV and other shows, and I get paid for it..........

Beat that Facebook and Myspace!!!

Artists/Musicians really need to learn how today's music industry works

It astounds me that talent still thinks that sending a CD in to a record label or a local radio station is going to sign them or even play their song. Years ago "payola" was how you got in, now they've managed to "legalize" payola and make it more of a marketing tactic. Pretty much, if you don't have thousands of dollars to pay, you won't get the play.

Itunes. Here's another misconception: Tens of thousands of artists are there and I've personally had 3 artists on Itunes. If you don't have a massive campaign to promote your songs like a Beyonce or Justin Beaver, the likelihood that you'll make any money from Itunes or any online digital music store is close to nothing. I'm actually not bitter, I (unlike most) am receiving royalties for the use of my music. There are ways to make it financially in the industry, you need to find your niche if that's what you're looking for. Ask a music professional, some may be more than willing to help.
July 3, 2012Posted by Kevin in Blog

Are you concerned about the future of music and your creative rights?

Sign this petition at ASCAP's link:
June 5, 2012Posted by Kevin in Blog

Buying into name brands

Everything is marketing today, though most people don't realize how much they are controlled by the media. Does this mean that everything you hear and see on tv is the best quality? Of course not, it just means that the product has a big budget behind it and the means to get marketed. Radio is just that: marketing. Not every song that is a hit song on the radio is a great song, they are just marketed properly. I can go on about the media but it also applies to the gear we buy. Protools is not the best program out there, but they are the most popular. There are other programs that are as good as, and in some areas superior to Protools but do not have the marketing resources that PT does. My advice is to shop and do your homework, don't just buy what everyone else does because of its popularity. Make an educated purchase based on features you like or want in the gear you buy. Not always is the most expensive product the best. Do some homework and you may get more bang for the buck.

Software Beta Testing

October 2011 Selected for the second time to beta test Solid State Logic's SSL Duende Native Plug-ins. Excellent company and proud to help out.

My advice to aspiring vocal talent

Most of the singers that I have interviewed over the years have come into the studio looking for something that they hear in their head, missing out on the opportunity that I've presented to them. Singers and musicians should be looking for any and all opportunities to get themselves the right kind of exposure and whatever might get them to the next level. The days of sending in your voice on a cassette/CD hoping that you'll get a $250K advance are gone. There are tens of thousands of studios out there and you've got to interview studios and producers to pick the right one, not just because it's the studio closest to your house.