I'll probably be the only person to read this as I write it.......

It is so sad to see talent go wasted, unexposed and under appreciated. In my years professionally producing music I've run into a handful of truly talented singers, that as of now have done nothing but waste away. Part of it comes from the lack of education they have from the music business/industry. It is a business and is in it to make money, not long term friendships. Time is not on the side of the singer and it amazes me that when presented a real opportunity how many singers walk away from it (and there are fewer opportunities as each day passes). If it has even has an inkling of common sense to it, singers, give it a try, if it didn't work out you lost nothing that you would've already lost anyways (time). Of course if it stinks run away from it. If what is presented has the potential to elevate you to another level, take the chance. Most talent will sit in their homes watching American Idol wishing it could be them without doing anything to get there. Don't let this be you.
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